Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ladies Will Be Ladies

(Coat, Shirt, Shorts- Forever21, Tights- H&M, Shoes- Express, Bangles- Aldo, Masons Boutique, Watch- MK)

I just love it when all the girls in my family come to town for a ladies lunch! Those days usually start off with one or two of them getting their hair colored, then its off to the hen house to hear the latest! We used to go to this delicious Mediterranean cafe, but it recently closed down! So what do we do to make the lunch even better?  We all gather at someones house to wine and dine!  We had a light lunch of sandwiches, hummus, and chips, and finished the day off with a glass of wine and a cupcake! Once again it was a lovely day, a tid bit windy, but the temperature was nice! I finished the night with teaching my yoga class! It is so hard to work all day, then pull yourself up to the gym! Honestly the hardest part is getting there, if you can make it there then you already defeated one challenge! I also helps that I have people that depend on me to be there to make them sweat :-) !

I bought these adorable suede shorts on Monday knowing that i had the perfect top and jacket to go with them!  Lately my style has been very much influenced by my new hair style! I normally don't part my hair in the middle, but when I do I feel so retro!  I am in love with my army green jacket, I pair it with a lot of stuff! It's nice to have a jacket that is light enough for a warm day, and breathable to wear all day long! Tights are my go to trend, I have a few different colors but mostly stick with black! There really isn't a color that doesn't go with black!  To insure that you have a cute outfit to wear to work, try picking it out the night before! Who really wants to put together an outfit after they were so rudely interrupted from their slumber with an annoying alarm clock?!

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  1. Isn't it funny how we coordinate our outfits around our hair!! Ha ha...i know i do.