Monday, February 6, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks


Hey there everyone!  I had to feed my shopping addiction today, I am off work on Mondays so it is the perfect time to hit up the mall!  I was browsing around for a while and couldn't help but notice all of the spikes on things! I think this trend is awesome, it is a great way to give yourself just enough attitude!  Who doesn't feel like a bad A%$ rocker when wearing spikes?! I recently purchased some wicked leopard loafers with spikes all over them!  I got them from one of my favorite websites  The key to wearing spikes is to not get carried away, try picking just small pieces such as accessories at first.  When you get extra brave pick an interesting jacket or pants! I try to pair my spikes with fairly neutral clothing, that way the spikes are in the spotlight!

Leopard Loafers from

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  1. Really loving this trend (in moderation)