Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sister Sick!


This is completely off the subject of Fashion but there wasn't anyone available to take pictures today! So how about a little montage to my little sister Paige!

   I am really missing my little sister today! She recently moved to Cleveland in August! She is super busy being completely awesome, she is currently in school to become a Nurse Practitioner! I am so proud of her but wish she was a little closer! From Arkansas it is about a 14-15 hour drive! And we all know that plane tickets are just ridiculous right now! I got to see her for a little bit during Christmas and I LOVED it :-)! I am not sure when the next time I will be seeing her is, and that makes me very very sad :-(. But on a brighter note she will be finished in just another year and a half, then she can hopefully choose somewhere closer for grad school! I will be jumping for joy when that day comes!  She has definitely got her life on track and is one determined W-O-M-A-N! I went through and picked a few pictures of us through the past few years, best buds! We also have another little sister, the baby, she is still here with me and turning into such a young woman! My babies are growing up, ha ha ha! I put a little shout out in there for Mal!! I love those girls!

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