Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love Is In The Air


Skirt and Shirt- Forever21, Tights- H&M, Shoes- UrbanOG, Blazer- Bananan Republic,  Watch- MK

  Valentine's day came early for me! My sweetie took me to eat at an amazing restaurant called Theo's! The atmosphere of the this place is just so swanky and fun, with a very modern twist!  The food is to die for.  We started the night off with a few drinks, then it was time to sit down and feast on nothing short of amazing!  My husband and I had the ahi tuna with wasabi mashed potatoes, I was so full half way through the meal but just couldn't bare to leave any on my plate :-)!  I also finally decided to give brussel sprouts a try, and they were surprisingly delicious!  I was expecting to feel somewhat nauseous after popping one in my mouth, but was shocked at how much they taste like broccoli!  To end the night we decided to bare the cold and walk across the street to a nice little blues bar, where the band was hopping, and so was the crowd! It seemed like everyone had the same idea as us, at least we were able to nab a seat because my feet were definitely going to fall off!

   My outfit was not something that kept me warm in the 20 degree weather, but I just couldn't resist wearing my new plaid skirt!  When I was trying to decide what to wear I asked my husband "What should I wear honey?", he replied with " Ummmmm are you really asking me that?"! I had to explain to him that I was trying to say, what does he like to see me in, he was super quick to say I like it when you wear you skirts and dresses with tights and heels! I have trained him well he he he!  I put an outfit together and I told him it looked a little school girlish, and well I think we all know his response to that one! So this was the outfit he choose, I wanted to make sure he liked it because he was going to be the one looking at me all night!  Way to go honey for the inspiration for this outfit!


  1. Nice job, Mitch! You guys are a fabulous couple and are a great model for a good marriage. Theo's... you can't go wrong! Love the shoes and belt! Hopefully we can go take some pics tomorrow!

    1. Well thank you very much! I am super swamped tomorrow but my new camera is coming thursday so def on Friday?